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Another Ground

The 1st Maxi single “ANOTHER GROUND” completed in the studio of English suburb in March, 2009 by analog recording. It finishes with a strong story line that human vital force and energy can be felt due to the breath of the nature overflowing from the dry ground. The fresh and original view of life that fuses to the pleasant beat was created by liberating the delicate sound quality of Chinese fiddle in the extreme region. “ANOTHER GROUND with Rio” was recorded with shino-bue (a kind of Japanese flute) performer, Rio Tosha of Tosha school in Taigakuin (temple) designed by architect, Mr. Tadao Ando. A tone with the characteristic depth of shino-bue is expressed. It is the work that vivid dynamism and beautiful stillness can be experienced, which deploys in three versions toward one title, but unfolds really another drama without deviating from the real intention of musical compositions.



Yuko Sonoda

Comoiser, Producer

Yoshifumi Okamoto

Shamisen, Kokyu